Monday, June 6, 2016

Creating Folder Shortcuts in Hyperion Planning

In this post I want to show how to create folder shortcuts in Hyperion Planning, take this case where you have a complex reporting/folder structure in Workspace, and you want to make it simple for the end user to navigate to the relevant folder and open the reports or files.

Here is my Workspace folder structure.

I want to create a shortcut to let the user navigate to the folder "Variance Analysis", so to do this I need to know the UUID of the object, right click on the folder and copy the UUID.

Append the UUID to "http://HYPERION-URL:9000/workspace/WorkspaceLaunch.jsp?uri=index.jsp%3fmodule%3dwksp.relatedcontent%26repository_uuid=".

In my case, it is"http://HYPERION-URL:9000/workspace/WorkspaceLaunch.jsp?uri=index.jsp%3fmodule%3dwksp.relatedcontent%26repository_uuid=0000015506a7fd9c-0000-e1d2-7f000001".

Now simply go and create a menu, select type as URL and paste the link.

Here you go.

Until we meet again, May the Cosmos be with you!