Sunday, August 25, 2019

Financials Cloud for EPM folks - Value Sets

We all have to work with ERP applications in our EPM implementations one way or another, and I always thought its's beneficial to have some basic understanding and navigation skills in Financials Cloud, it helps when you're troubleshooting metadata issues or data reconciliation etc, so I'm going to start a light weight series on Financials Cloud to cover topics I find helpful when I'm working on a Planning, Profitability or Enterprise Reporting solution.

Before I begin I think it's worth mentioning that CoA structure in Financials is defined in two areas:

1. Value sets - Flat list of values for each segment and their respective properties
2. Hierarchies - Parent/child hierarchy representation for each segment.

In this post I will cover the Chart of Accounts Value Sets, how to navigate and check for specific segment value codes, I will be using a General Accounting Manager role for this. Here is the role name, code and description for reference.

First, we have to navigate to Setup and Maintenance and to do that we have three options.

1- From the landing page (this is the standard theme, you'll probably have a custom defined theme setup but it should be the same).

2- From the Navigator

3. From user settings and actions (click on the username in the top right corner)

Next thing we need to navigate to the setup page for Financials.

Click on Financial Reporting Structures functional area and then click on Manage Chart if Accounts Value Sets

This will take you to the setup page where you have your CoA segments defined, from this page select  General Ledger as your module and hit search to retrieve your CoA segments.

This is the CoA structure in this scenario. Account, Company, Cost Centre, LoB and Product segments.

All you have to do is select one of the segments, click Manage Values and search for your value to retrieve certain information like description or start/end dates (not relevant for EPM). Here you can see the Account segment values and their properties.

And that's it for today.