Thursday, February 23, 2017

Composite Forms, User Variables, and POV selection

I came across this today, basically when you have a composite form without a common member in POV in all of the sub-forms, you cannot use a global User Variables.

I did a quick search in Oracle Support but I couldn't find anything, so I'm not sure if this is a known-bug or not.

Quick demonstration, I have two forms with Dynamic User Variables:



Similar forms, I just changed the Scenario member, and using User Variable for Entity Dimension in Page section.

Here is my composite form settings (first without checking "Set scope for all common dimensions as global")

And my form looks ok, I can see the user variable but as shown below, moving between tabs will not save the Page selection because the dimension is set to local, meaning if I change the selection in Form_A, I'll have to do the same in Form_B when I move to it. In other words, not convenient.

Now what happens when I check "Set scope for all common dimensions as global".

My User Variable goes on a prolonged cigarette/drink break.

I tried it on PBCS and I got the same results..

So, what is the solution? You need at least one common member in all forms, Find a common member and put in POV!

This is my form after I placed Year dimension in POV in both forms, yes I have my global User Variable back.

That's it for today.

May the Cosmos be with You

Monday, February 20, 2017

PBCS System Reporting

This post is kinda For Your Information really, it is highly unlikely that it's going to add value to any of you, but it will surely bring back some nice, or not so nice, memories for you who had experienced System 9. Before I go to PBCS, I want to go back in time to Hyperion System 9 😁

Remember this login page?

What about the logo, does it ring a bell? That was the first logo after Oracle's acquisition of Hyperion Solutions, let's move on for now and we'll get back to it in a bit, before I come back to the present, do you remember how we used to generate Planning system reports in System 9?

In Advanced Mode view, Administration then Reporting, and the following is a sample of the generated reports.

The report itself is kinda useful, nice to have for those who don't like to write SQL, now did you notice the logo? okay...

Back to the future/present to PBCS and let us generate a similar report. For those who still have the standard interface, you can go to Tools -> Reports (same as on-premise Planning), and for those with Simplified Interface go to Monitor and Explore -> System Reports as shown below:

Select an object, create the report, and here is a PBCS sample...

Notice any difference from the System 9 one? Nada, not even the logo 😁

Hopefully in the not very distant future Oracle will update that logo, or maybe not, who cares really?