Monday, July 18, 2022

Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management (EPCM) - REST API - Calculate Model

 I found a typo in the Calculate Model REST API  in EPCM documentation that made go around in circles for a couple of hours trying to figure out what exactly is the problem! I already got in touch with the Oracle team in charge of the documentation and they are going to update the documentation at some point, so this post is about navigating such issues in the futures.

So the doco says the parameters (jobType and jobName) are required and their values must be "Calculate Model"

However, when I first tried to use this API using the exact same information, I got the following error:

"A job with name Calculate Model and type Calculate Model was not found. Try again with a valid job name and type"

Here comes the going around in circles bit, I'm following the exact instructions provided in the documentation so I thought there must be a typo somewhere, so what is the best way to find out the issue? EPM Automate commands is the correct answer, I know there is "calculateModel" epm automate command so I thought I will run the command, analyse the logs, and search for the correct parameter values.

After doing so, I found out the correct parameter values for jobName and jobType is "Calculation", not "Calculate Model" as per the screenshot below:

So I updated my REST request and replaced "Calculate Model" with "Calculation" and, Voila! it worked like a charm!

Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management (EPCM) - Quick Tips - The Rule Model does not exist for selected POV.

 This is another quick tip about an ambiguous error I came across while implementing EPCM for a client of mine. The error stopped me from calculating the model and it just says "The rule Model does not exist for selected POV" (which is not extremely helpful if you ask me).

Luckily, the solution is straight forward after I ran the Model Validation" and it turned out to be a renamed member that is no longer referenced in the rule.

And this is the error you will see when you edit the specified rule.

Finally, just update the rule and point to the renamed member and that's about it, you are good to go!

Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management (EPCM) - Quick Tips - NullPointerException

 I came across this very generic error while implementing EPCM for a client of mine and as you can see, the error is not informative. the error popped out while selecting ruleset range and all rules options only.

And after a lot of digging I found out this issue was caused by new rules that were never calculated before and in order to work around it, I ran the rule individually (as a single rule processing range) and the error never popped up again.

I don't know if you are going to experience this issue or not, but if you do, the solution is simple. just run and calculate the new rules at least one time as "SIGNLE RULE" before selecting ALL RULES or RANGE option.