Sunday, September 16, 2018

New EPM cloud users with SSO - Quick Tip

Have you ever tried to create an EPM cloud user (PBCS, PCMCS, EPRCS..)...and you were expecting a temporary password in the email notification but it was nowhere to be found? I know It can be a bit confusing, you're quite certain you've created the user but at the same time you cannot log in because you don't have your password /security questions setup for the first time.

This is a sample email notification notifying you've been granted access to the EPM instance, as you can see there is just a direct link to the login page but no temporary password.

 This is a sample email notification with a temporary password.

Well, this is happening because of Single Sign-On configuration is on, which means you must select the "Maintain Identity Domain Credentials" when you create the new user if the user is not part of the Identify Provider domain.

That's it, quick and easy! 

Hope this helps.