Monday, April 11, 2022

Groovy and Essbase Cloud APIs - Part 1

 This post is a quick tip about using Groovy to work with Essbase Cloud Java APIs for those who prefer to code in Groovy instead of Java for whatever reason (in my case I just prefer the simplified Groovy syntax). Everything I’m about to demonstrate here applies to any Java API, be it Essbase on-premise or OCI etc.

For this demo purposes, I will be using OCI marketplace Essbase 21c deployment.

Install Groovy

The first step is to set up Groovy on the Essbase instance, there are many ways you can install Groovy but I prefer the Software Development Kit Manager (SDKMAN). To install using SDKMAN do the following:
  1. Login to Essbase instance using opc user via SSH (using PuTTy, VSCode, PS etc)
  2. Initialise and prepare the environment by typing

Finally, install Groovy

Groovy is now installed and GROOVY_HOME is set.

In the second part we will configure Essbase working directory and show how to use Groovy with Essbase Java APIs.

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